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We’re excited to announce the full integration of OneWorld Encryption for Office 365 Users!

For years, OneWorld customers have been trusting the OneWorld Encrypt button in Microsoft Outlook on the desktop to provide their employees with a quick and obvious way to encrypt their emails.  While the Office 365 Outlook on the web Add-in is not a requirement to use OneWorld, it is often preferred over asking remote employees to type a keyword like “secure” in the subject line. OneWorld Encryption for Office 365 Outlook on the web is also an excellent way to offer multiple encryption methods to your employees.

That’s why we are so proud of our new OneWorld Encrypt Add-in for Office 365 Outlook on the web!  Integrating into Office 365 Outlook on the web allows enterprise senders to select “Encrypt” from anywhere!  They simply login to Office 365 Outlook on the web from a mobile device, or from any desktop web browser (Windows, MAC OS X, even Linux).

Let’s dig in to the full story by answering some common questions.

What does the OneWorld Encrypt Add-in for Office 365 Outlook on the web offer?

The OneWorld Add-in for Office 365 Outlook on the web offers advanced user encryption options right where you need them. You can use the add-in to:

  •  Encrypt messages in a variety of formats including TLS, PDF, PGP, S/MIME, and Web portal;
  • Track and recall your web portal messages;
  • Request delivery and read-receipts;
  • Set custom expiry dates for Web Portal messages;
  • Retrieve the password you set on your Shared Passphrase messages;
  • Categorize encrypted messages for easy searching.

How does it work?

Encrypting a message is as simple as clicking on the Encrypt slider.  OneWorld Encrypt will add special flags (or for the more technical folk – email x-headers) that tell OneWorld to encrypt the message.

The options displayed in the Add-in for Office 365 Outlook on the web will match your company’s encryption policies, which govern how the message is to be encrypted and delivered. You can also override certain settings like notification preferences and message expiration periods.

Encrypted emails will have a category added onto them so you can instantly see which messages were secured.  And when you open encrypted messages in your Sent Items folder, the Add-in will display useful information like the shared passphrase, or a link to recall the Web Portal message.

What does it look like?

Here’s a sample message that I sent to an external customer.  As you can see, I have the ability to choose my encryption method directly within the OneWorld Encrypt Add-in for Office 365 Outlook on the web.  The options available to me depend on what my administrators have allowed.



How do we install it?

Echoworx is hosting a few versions of the OneWorld Encrypt Add-in for Office 365 Outlook on the web that match the majority of our customers’ requirements.  Alternatively, any customer can deploy the Add-in code as a Web App to Azure Active Directory or to a traditional IIS Web Server.  Detailed instructions can be provided for customers that want their own deployment.

Once the deployment decision is made, the Office 365 Administrator (logging into the Exchange Portal) can push out OneWorld Encryption for Office 365 Outlook on the web to everyone, or to certain groups, in a matter of minutes using the Add-in manifest file.  Individual users can also add OneWorld Encryption for Office 365 Outlook on the web to their own mailbox if they have the manifest file URL.

Where does this work exactly?

We’ve made sure OneWorld Encryption for Office 365 Outlook on the web will run in all the same browsers and platforms that Outlook Web is supported on (by Microsoft).  For a list, see

For Outlook on the desktop, we continue to support and recommend the traditional OneWorld Encryption Add-in.  Both the Desktop and Web Add-ins are completely interoperable –  if you start composing a message on the web, you can finish on the desktop, or vice versa.

There is so much to see in version 1.0 that we invite you to give it a try!  More exciting features are coming soon as we continue to develop on Office 365 to make OneWorld Encrypt an Add-in you can’t live without.

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By Sarah Happé, Engagement Manager and Product Specialist, Echoworx